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Wenke Lewandowski holds a Masters degree in Russian and Comparative Literature from Humboldt University and Free University in Berlin. She spent one year during university as an exchange student in Moscow (Moscow State University), where she wrote about theatre for the Moscow German Newspaper. She eventually focused on Futurism and avant-garde theatre for her thesis. While finishing her studies, she spent time on translation of literature and proofreading. Wenke Lewandowski dedicates herself to words and believes that words are meant to be enacted in a broad spectrum of genres: politics, advertising, journalism, science, literature etc. 


Translation Grants


"Translating dialogues: On paper, but not made out of paper" – Workshop with Bastian Häfner (publisher: Rowohlt) and Frank Heibert (translator) / Europäisches Übersetzerkollegium Straelen (Germany) (First and largest international centre for translators of literature and non-fiction)


"Hieronymus: Program for upcoming translators" – Founded by Robert-Bosch-Stiftung and Deutscher Übersetzerfonds; Mentor: Marie Luise Knott 

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